Female Hair Loss

At enhance My hair we specialise in hair volumising for clients with thinning hair, alopecia, Trichotillomania and female pattern baldness,burns, or scars and hair extensions for both women, men and children.

The Volumiser/Enhancer Lace System

We know this to be the single most effective solution to female hair loss where patches of hair loss exceed 50% of a full head of hair. 0ur solution to hair loss is completely natural allowing you the freedom to shower, wash, and brush your hair as you desire.

The system means you need have no fear of swimming or exercising. We take great care to ensure the methods and solutions we use are completely safe. Our hair Volumiser and integrations are applied to an anti-allergenic micro mesh. We apply fine expert integrated supplemental extension work. There is no need to fear detection as the result sits as natural as your own hair. Our unique integration techniques mean our solution is indistinguishable from your own natural hair.Our system differs from rival hair loss treatments in several unique ways. All your existing hair is fully integrated into your new style. The construction of the replacement area blends seamlessly into your hair. Every detail of our treatment is bespoke including partings including high & low lights. The result is a completely natural style and a full beautiful head of hair.

Maintenance of Volumiser/Enhancer

We provide you with a detailed but flexible maintenance programme and advice. If ever you have a concern we are just a phone call away.

Maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks for tightening and tidying.

Every 3-4 months the volumizer must be fully removed for cleaning, shampooing, scalp treatment and partings replaced if needed and realigned.  Our systems have a life expectancy of 12-18 months, after this time a complete Volumiser will be required.

Come and see us for a private consultation and we will create a custom solution that:    

– looks and feels natural
– uses the highest quality 100% human hair
– is comfortable and moves with you
– is practical for your lifestyle
– is easy to manage and maintain
– won’t damage your own hair

We at Enhance My Hair Consultancy, do everything we can to give you our client back all your confidence and self-esteem.

Integration Hair Systems

Integration hair system is a state-of-the-art hair enhancement and/or replacement technique that adds any amount of fullness, body and length to a client’s own thinning hair. The system is very light-weight, discreet and very versatile. The integration unit is created from a clients mould and is 100% personalised to your exact requirements  resulting in a system that is completely undetectable, that looks like your own hair and integrates with your existing hair for a comfortable and permanent attachment.

The Volumiser Lite



The Hair Volumiser provides a unique hair loss solution for you or anyone with very thin hair, thinning hair, or female pattern baldness.

We are delighted to offer you the very latest hair loss solution. Using the finest, ultra lightweight materials ‘The Hair Volumiser Lite’ has been designed, developed and tested for over 5 years. This new invisible hair Volumiser is so comfortable that you are able to you wear it continually, with salon maintenance at 4- 6 weekly intervals. There is no need to remove it at night or when you want to enjoy activities such as swimming and sport. The Hair Volumiser will allow you to live life to the full.



“I cant thank Joana and the team enough for the brilliant job they have done on my hair. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism confidentiality and support. After years trying lotions potions and tablets to make my hair grow, nothing works, I hoped that hair extensions would work for me. After having a consultation with Joana she was able to recommend the best procedure for me. Iv’e now got my new look had lots of compliments and my 16 year old grandson says his friends say I don’t look old enough to be a nana. Its now worth getting ready in the morning and putting nice clothes on. Thanks again to Joana and her team.”

Pat Reveley

“I have been going to ENHANCE MY HAIR/Joana’s Hair Elite for almost ten years now. When I was in my teens, my hair began to fall out. I went on to find out I had a condition called Alopaecia – which is basically a fancy term for hair loss. As a young woman, it was devastating and I didn’t know how to handle it. Sadly, help from the health service was limited and virtually nil. After an online search I came across Joana’s who said they could help with hair loss. I went to The salon (they have private treatment rooms) and Joana explored different options that would suit me. At that time, she made me a net weave. Over the years I’ve gone through varying degrees of hair loss – I’ve been completely bald, partially bald and at times gone back to a full head of hair. There is no cure for my condition – but whatever stage it’s at, Joana and the team always have a solution for me. Whether it be a wig or weave. I currently have a full head of hair (bar a few small patches) and they help me look after and maintain my natural hair, while hooking me up with weaves or wigs (or whatever I feel like at the time) when necessary to help protect my hair. I highly recommend Enhance My Hair/Joana’s Hair Elite to anyone. The staff are great and very supportive for those with hair loss. I have no intentions of finding a new hairdresser and intend to keep going to Joana’s for years to come. I now have my appointments in the main shop as I have overcome my fears and no longer choose to hide my hair status. I figure it could help someone else who may be dealing with what I have. Also, I have been going there so long I now consider Joana and Margaret friends. Anyone looking for a solution to help with hair loss, contact the shop, they will be ale to help and you’ll leave looking and feeling fabulous!”

Rayna Miller

“I have been a customer of the lovely Joana for 10 years. She initially transformed my life by solving my hair loss problems providing me with a natural hair solution that took away a lot of unwanted attention and boosted my confidence and self esteem. Each year or so she’s provided major restyles. Her skill has been to effect a natural evolution enhancement each time such that I get compliments despite my age! Her team are a delight to work with so the time flies by in the salon which makes me very comfortable as I have a significant painful back condition. I found Joana’s salon many years ago through an internet search and despite it being a 3 hour round trip, in those days, it proved to be one of the best discoveries of my life. Oh! She now has a loyalty scheme so there really is no excuse not to stay looking good. If you’re reading this and thinking maybe then stop that and go for it! You won’t regret it – I didn’t.”

Maggie Fox

“Thank you so much Joanna, from the first consultation with you we were confident that you could help us, your professionalism and expertise is second to none and you went out of your way to get everything perfect. I cant thank you enough. The transformation was amazing, our only regret is that we never found you months ago. I cant thank you enough.”


“I have been a client of Joanas for a number of years now. I have suffered with TTM (Trichotillomania)since the age of 8. I am very self conscious of hiding my condition and I like my hair to look as natural as possible, with a light natural feel, I’m highly critical. Joanna’s staff are fantastic at what they do they are very caring and accommodating. When I go to Joanas I have my appointments in a private room where the clinic is based and I wear a lace type practical hair piece on the front of my head and have the back of my hair weaved. Joana and her staff are always going under training and not afraid to try new innovate hair systems / products to suit my needs. Going to joana and her salon has enabled me to lead a happy, normal, stress free life… My only regret been, I didn’t know about her sooner! Thank you for your patience and loyalty.””


“I had suffered with Trich (Trichotillomania) for around 10 years and I finally plucked up the courage to visit the hairdressers since I had stopped pulling. I had unsightly bald patches on either side of my head and I wanted to cover these up but didn’t know how. When I googled various salons in Manchester, Joana’s Hair Elite was always the top on my searches and now I can see why. I made an appointment to meet with Joana and she kindly talked me through all the different options that were available to me. I didn’t feel judged or embarrassed to show her my hair and I welcomed her knowledge of what would work best for me. I decided to have a weave sewn into my hair to cover up the side patches and to give me, more hair! She had a wide variety of colours and lengths and I found one very easily which matched my natural hair colour. I now visit once a month to have the weave retightened and my natural hair is slowly but surely growing back. I will continue to visit Joana even when I have my own full head of hair! The process, service, price and advice was all wonderful and I would recommend Joana’s Salon to everyone. Her team are lovely and she has a modern salon with great equipment – Even some things I didn’t know existed! I want to personally thank Joana for her help and for making my hair as wonderful as it is today”

Sarah Louise