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Rapture Extensions

Rapture Fusion uses the ultimate bonded hair extension technology available on the market today. Rapture Fusion hair is Root point correct, cuticle intact and of the very highest quality. With the correct care your hair will easily last for between 6 and 9 months. Our extension bonding uses the very latest formulation. It works in harmony with your own hair, causing no damage and leaving no residue. We have a range of Aftercare products that will keep the Rapture Fusion extensions looking and feeling salon fabulous.


Micro rings extensions are the safest and most unnoticeable hair extensions method available. There is no glue, no braiding or sewing needed, which means there is no damage to your natural hair, therefore your hair will continue to grow naturally. The rings are used to hold the pre-bonded hair extension securely but gently to your own natural hair. Micro rings are lined with silicon to protect your natural hair and to prevent slippage. It’s a very reliable and popular method and can be used on any hair texture from thick to fine hair. 

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Net Weaves

Net weave is a technique that is used to add human weaving hair to areas of the head that are affected by hair loss. This technique uses a small mesh net to cover thinning and balding areas of the hair. The human hair track, or weft, is sewn or bonded onto the net. The net is then sewn onto the hair, covering any problem spots and creating a totally natural look. Net weaves are often used by women and men suffering from Alopecia, thinning hair, receding hairlines and baldness. The net used matches the colour of the human hair, creating a look that is virtually undetectable. The net weave can be used with any length or texture of hair.

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